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SDVOB SUPPLIES is an Electrical Supply Resource which offers a wide variety of electricity related products. Starting with simple cable solutions and going as far as complex switch gears to programmable software systems for all tech needs.



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Copper cabling infrastructure 

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Fiber optic cabling infrastructure

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Coaxial cabling infrastructure

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Voice products

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Telecom power products 

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Power and Thermal

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UPS systems

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Rack PDUs

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Switch gears

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Active/Passive cooling

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High Voltage Cables

Hardware and Supplies

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Racks and cabinets

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Cable management

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Test equipment (not shown)

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Electrical supplies


SDVOB Supplies has multiple business relationships allowing us to supply our full line of products anywhere across the continental US.  Our Logistics team ensures that products are delivered in a manner that benefits the project and avoids delays. 

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Up to date manufacturing standards

Racks and cabinets

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Time-tested Technology

Racks and cabinets

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Breathtaking innovation

Software systems

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Working with SDVOB Supplies allowed us to coordinate deliveries to a project that required complex logistics due to the limited storage available and tight timeline.  Add the fact that we met our SDVOB and MBE requirements and you have yourself a completely happy and loyal customer.

Jose Arias

Construction Manager

Well, at first I was sceptical of buying from SDVOB. I don’t buy much from companies that I havent used in the past few years. But the experience was very easy, and the execution was done as expected.

Sam Whitey

Purchasing Manager

Good job. Really. Such a large order for a telecom project, to be done in such an efficient way was very pleasant surprise.

Yolanda V

General Contractor

With all these requirements from the state and federal government and the bad experiences I have had in the past, I thought reaching the goals would be impossible.  Not only did they help me achieve the goals, but they understood the CUF requirements and was able to subcontract out scope that made me reach all my MBE, SDVOB Goals.  I no longer worry about these diversity requirements.

Ralph A

National Construction Manager


SDVOB Supplies is an electrical/telecom/security supply company with an impressive range of merchandise in stock. SDVOBSupplies follows the latest trends in the market and manages an in house workforce that performs as a subcontractor for certain scope and clients. SDVOB Supplies are not limited to electronics. We even offer you weatherproof enclosures and wiring ducts, as well as all sorts of tools. At the same time, SDVOB Supplies features all the advantages of independent, reliable and unquestionable high-end customer service. Our customer commitments are simple: superior service, high-quality inventory. The SDVOB’s team is always here when you need us. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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261 E Kingsbridge Rd
Bronx Ny 10458

1- 914-98-SDVOB (914-987-3862)

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